Bài trích: Tạp chí VietNam Social Sciences số 6.2016


  1. Economic Security during Vietnam’s Process of  International Integration/ Nguyen Chien Thang, Pham Sy An// VietNam Social Science. No.6(176)- 2016 – Tr.1-9

Abstract: During its integration, Vietnam’s economy has undergone macroeconomic instability which negatively affected the economic growth and limited by the lack of efficiency in managing foreign capital flows, foreign trade imbalance resulting from prolonged import surplus, mainly from the Chinese market, and the budget deficit from domestic and foreign debts, it is more challenging to ensure economic security.

Keywords: Economic security, integration, macroeconomic instability, import surplus, budget deficit.

  1. Comparative Analysis of Innovation between Vietnam’s Microfinance System and International Benchmarks/ Bui Thu Trang, Dominique Plihon// VietNam Social Science. No.6(176)- 2016 – Tr.10- 20

Abstract: Microfinance is seen as an appropriate solution to povetry in developing countries. However, its development is not in the single model for all countries. The poor in different countries are facing different circumstances, which generate different demands for financial products and services. Though in the beginging of microfinance establishment, all goverments provide funding to help the existence and development of the microfinance programs, this is not the manner that can transform microfinace into an integral part of national financial system and provide finanacially independt and long- term growth to microfinance institution., The differences in the financial characteristics and needs of the poor in the countries, and development of the microfinance sector itself, have made government opt for their own solutions to develop microfinance. Although it is impossible to build a single formula for the development model of microfinance, it is helpful to compare the innovation of Vietnam’s microfinance system with two globally famous systems, namely Grameen Bank and the Bank Rakyat of Indonesia(BRI).

Keywords:  Microfinance system, innovation, Vietnam

  1. Dialectical Perspective on Quality and Quantity/ Nguyen Ngoc Ha// VietNam Social Science. No.6(176)- 2016 – Tr.21- 27

Abstract: The dialectial perpective on quality and quantity is expressed in the law of the transformation of changes in quantity into changes in quality and vice versa ( in short, the quantity- quality law). Under that view, quality and quantity exits in unity in things; each thing has different qualities and quantities; each quality has a defined level of quantity; in which the qualitative changes occurs inleaps while the quantity change takes place gradually. The change in quantity will be                                                                                                                            translated into the qualitative change when reaching the highest or the lowest quantity limits. That qualitative change will be in turn translated into the change in quantity. The dialectical on quality is simple in content, which anyone can understand and apply to their perception activities.

Keywords: dialectical, quality, quantity, law.

  1. International Labor Migration fromVietnam to ASEAN Receiving Countries- Curent Issues and Chanllenges/ Vu Ngoc Binh// VietNam Social Science. No.6(176)- 2016 – Tr.28- 50

Abstract: Internal migration has been the subject of attention and research in Vietnam for several decades now, but it is only recently that the country’s internationl labor migration has come in for scrutiny, either in theoretical or field studies, and that the active and creasing role played by international labor migration in the national development has been recently recognized and appreciated as Vietnam has been one of the largest labor-sending countries in ASEAN. The actual flows in the case of Vietnam will be much larger if undocumented flows are accounted for. The paper discusses the problems they face in Vietnam in the process of migration and upon their return. The paper describes the needs, challenges and vulnerabilities of Vietnamese international migrant workers (IWWs), with an emphasis on the abuses of their human rights within global and ASEAN contexts from gender and human rights perspectives, as well as the benefits and the opportunities for IMWs in terms of their financial situation, their contribution, and professional and personal development. The paper argues that the country needs to shift from supplying cheap low-skilled manpower to more regionally and globally competitive and skilled manpower.

Keywords: labor, migration, gender, human rights, laws, policies.

  1. Social Security for the Elderly in Vietnam Today/ Nguyen Dinh Tuan// VietNam Social Science. No.6(176)- 2016 – Tr.51- 57

Abstract: Currently, Vietnam is one of the countries with the fastest aging population in the worls. This has been posing challenges to ensuring social security for the elderly, including proper economic conditions (income), access to social services and health insurance cards. Meanwhile, they have high needs for medical examination and treatmant and have to pay more for healthcare. This has entailed an urgent need to extend social security for thr elderly in Vietnam in the context of increasing aging population nowadays.

Keywords: social security, elderly, aging population, Vietnam.

  1. Autonomy of Vietnamese Villages through Village Regulations/ Vu Duy Men, Phan Dang Thuan// VietNam Social Science. No.6(176)- 2016 – Tr.58- 66

Abstract: Since the beginning of time, Vietnamese farmers have been residing in villages. In the early days since the formation of Vietnamese communes, or villages, when the intervention of the feudal state was still limited, self-management and autonomy were highly positioned in the administrative of the feudal state, birth was given ti village regulations. The documents regulated most of the aspects of the activities in the Vietnames village, such as the organization of social institutions, social activities… The regulations of diffent villages both share similarities and bear uniqueness, with autonomu demonstrated diversely in aspects of life, as recorded in them.

Keywords; autonomy, villages/cammunes, village regulations, Vietnam.

  1. A study of Intergration of Buddhism and Vietnamese Folk Beliefs/ Nguyen Thi Hien// VietNam Social Science. No.6(176)- 2016 – Tr.67- 66-81

Abstract: This paper explores the values of the integration of Vietnamese folk beliefs with Buddhism that arrived to Vietnam around the third century BC. This integration is in particularly seen in the Buddhist temples in the Northern part of Vietnam, specifically in the worshipping of spirits and performing of rituals, festivals, and in making of offerings and in the Buddhist teaching. This integration contributes to the characteristics of what became known as Vietnamese popular Buddhism. Drawing on field research conducted at Thang Nghiem tantric Buddhist temple in 2012-2014, this paper examines how esoteric practices of tantric Buddhism in this temple interweave. This paper specifically examines the local worship of the historical hero of Tran Hung Dao, and the folk belief in ghosts. One of the interesting beliefs in spirits is the story about Da Dai Ladies on the giant banyan tree at Thang Nghiem temple who control ghosts. The paper also demonstrates how the tantric Buddist practices integrate with the folk beliefs in ghosts and create the novel religious syncretism.

Keywords: integration, Buddism, folk beliefs, spirits, esoteric practices, tantra.

  1. Acculturation of Traditional Cultural Symbols in Central Highlands/ Nguyen Van Thang// VietNam Social Science. No.6(176)- 2016 – Tr.82- 88

Abstract: Cultural symbols are each race’s moral and spiritual values or those of their belief. The symbols always consist of meanings of things or phenomena. Among cultural symbols of ethynic groups in Tay Nguyen ( the Central Highlands) are the noun “ ơi Adai”, the Rông house (communal house), gongs, the musical instruments of Tơrưng, Đinh Pă, the drum, gùi ( open blackpack), the rice ear, gơl column, buffalo lasso, axe blade, patterns of brocatelle, the gourd… The symbols have been acculturated with Catholicism and Protestantism.

Keywords: culturals symbols, traditions, Tay Nguyen ( Central Highlands), Catholicism, Protestantism